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Tuber, specialized storage stem of certain seed plants. Tubers are typically short, thickened, mostly underground stems that constitute the resting stage of various plants. They bear minute scalelike leaves with buds capable of developing into new plants. Learn more about tuber characteristics and functions Follow Us: Some examples of tuber vegetables include all potatoes, cassava, yams, sweet potatoes, taro, jicama and dahlia roots. Tubers are vegetables with edible, bulb-like roots or subterranean stems. Tuber vegetables are divided into two categories: stem tubers and root tubers. Stem tubers have edible, thickened rhizomes or stolons, which. Root and tuber crops (Crop Groups 1 and 2) consist of root crops, such as beets and carrots, and tuber crops, such as potatoes and sweet potatoes, and the leaves of root crops, such as beet tops. Planted acres and values of these crop types are shown in Table 5 Stem tubers form thickened rhizomes (underground stems) or stolons (horizontal connections between organisms). Common plant species with stem tubers include the potato and yam. Some sources also treat modified lateral roots (root tubers) under the definition; these are found in sweet potatoes, cassava, and dahlias Tubers are basically enlarged stem tissue and do not have a basal plate or papery tunic. They also come in a variety of shapes and may be flat or cylindrical. Tubers may also come in clusters. The..

Tuber definition is - a short fleshy usually underground stem bearing minute scale leaves each of which bears a bud in its axil and is potentially able to produce a new plant. How to use tuber in a sentence Which of the following is the correct sequence for the aseptic transfer of a microbial inoculum? 1) Remove the cap from the culture tube. 2) Reheat the mouth of the culture tube and replace the cap. 3) Get a loopful of the culture. 4) Sterilize the loop by heating it red-hot. 5) Flame the mouth of the culture tube

Which of the following is an advantage of the standard plate count? A.Can readily count cells that form aggregates. B.Determines the number of live cells within a population. C.Can be performed on very dilute samples, such as lake water D.Provides immediate results E.Can be used to count heat-sensitive bacter Read More The State of Minnesota Veteran's Administration is pushing for a bill to make contributions by military personnel to their retirement funds be automatic. If the bill passes, contributions will occur automatically unless the military member checks a box asking for the money in salary instead Crocosmia grows from corms, which spread rapidly and easily, as do gladiolus, crocus and freesia. Tubers - A tuber is a swollen stem with growth nodes or eyes. Daylilies and cyclamen are examples of tuber types of flower bulbs. Tubers are propagated by planting a piece of the tuber with several healthy eyes

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  2. Examples of plants that develop from corms include gladiolus, crocus, and autumn crocus. Tubers. A tuber differs from the true bulb and the corm by not having a basal plant from which roots develop and not having a protective tunic covering. The caladium tuber has buds scattered over the tuber surface from which shoots and roots develop
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  4. Potatoes are examples of tubers: the swollen ends of stolons that may store starch. The stem modification that has enlarged fleshy leaves emerging from the stem or surrounding the base of the stem is called a bulb; it is also used to store food. Aerial modifications of stems include tendrils, thorns, bulbils, and cladodes.

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