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The 2005 United Kingdom general election in Englandtook place on 5 May 2005 for 529 Englishseats in the British House of Commons. The Labour Partyunder Tony Blairwon an overall majorityof seats for the third successive election 2005 General Election seat winners: Using equally sized constituencies In the map below, all 646 constituencies in the UK are shown as equal size. This is an attempt to overcome the problem of disproportionate 'weighting' of constituencies in other maps. For example, Labour won 55% of all constituencies in the UK at the 2005 General Election The results of the 2005 general election in Northern Ireland, compared against the previous two Westminster elections. This shows the considerable gains by the DUP and Sinn Féin largely at the expense of the UUP. In the nationalist community, elections since 1992 have shown a clear shift in support from the SDLP to Sinn Féin BBC News General Election 2005. IN DETAIL: Party Seats Gain Loss Net Votes % +/-% Labour: 286: -37-37: 8,043461: 35.4-6. 2005 General election results summary. Majority - 68. PM Tony Blair. PM Gordon Brown 2007—2010. Held on 5th May 2005. Electorate - 44,180,243. Turnout - 61.4%. Election spending. Chart: Seats won at the 2005 general election

Friday, May 6, 2005. Full election 2005 coverage. At 21:00 UTC yesterday, the polls closed in the United Kingdom general election. With only a handful of seats left to declare, Labour reached the. Full council results. Election 2005 at-a-glance. Full results in detail. In pictures: Election night. Blair backers reject quit calls. Tony Blair's supporters brush off calls for him to quit as he puts the finishing touches to his third term ministerial team. Election 2005: The best bits. Soames and Yeo quit front bench

BBC News General Election 2005, Swingometer. UK NATIONAL RESULTS: IN DETAIL: Party Seats Gain Loss Net Votes % +/-Labour: 356: 0: 4 These are the results of the 2005 United Kingdom general election in Wales.The election was held on 5 May 2005 and all 40 seats in Wales were contested. Results. Below is a table summarising the results of the 2005 general election in Wales Tue 3 May 2005 14.30 EDT The 2005 general election campaign has been a defective democratic event in many ways. Yet beneath the surface there has echoed a national conversation of passion and.. The History Learning Site, 27 Mar 2015. 23 Apr 2021. On April 5th 2005, Prime Minister Tony Blair went to Buckingham Palace to request that the queen dissolve Parliament and that a general election be held England. Shows the general election results for England, which is a country in Great Britain . It is comprised of 9 regions ( show hide ). In 2005 it had a total electorate of 0 and a turnout of 0%. South East, West Midlands, North West, East Midlands, London, Yorkshire and The Humber, East of England, South West and North East

Visit BBC News for up-to-the-minute news, breaking news, video, audio and feature stories. BBC News provides trusted World and UK news as well as local and regional perspectives. Also entertainment, business, science, technology and health news Pakistan's interior minister said today that his country had provided information about a possible terrorist attack in Britain ahead of May's general election, resulting in some arrests. 13 Jul.. Weeks of campaigning and political wrangling are over, the votes have been cast and now the nation waits to find out who will form the new Government. Host D..

election in which the President has received majority support. In Turkey there is a proportional system with a 10% threshold for election, which excluded all but two parties in the election. 1 The National Result The UK general election of 5 May 2005 The National Result Report and analysis 5 Last election Turnout % Government share of vote. Liberal Democrat targets. LABOUR DEFENCE AND TARGETS - CHANGE IN SEATS: -47. The seats listed below as defence are Labour's most vulnerable to attack from other parties, based on the results of the 2001 general election. If Tony Blair's party had lost all 80, and gained no others, it would have lost its overall majority in the House of Commons The 2001 United Kingdom general election was held on Thursday 7 June 2001, four years after the previous election on 1 May 1997, to elect 659 members to the House of Commons.The governing Labour Party was re-elected to serve a second term in government with another landslide victory, returning 412 members of Parliament versus 418 from the 1997 general election, a net loss of six seats, though. Majority by constituency for the general election held on 5 May 2005. The size of the winning party's majority based on turnout

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The 2005 UK general election was held on Thursday 5th May. The election resulted in a third term for Tony Blair's Labour Party. Below are the latest Wikinews stories on the campaigning parties and candidates Documents to download. General Election 2005 (6 MB , PDF) Download full report. Download 'General Election 2005' report (6 MB , PDF) General Election 2005. House of Commons Library Research Paper 05/33

Mon 11 Apr 2005 12.48 EDT The Conservatives today became the first major political party to publish an election manifesto, with leader Michael Howard declaring he was going into battle for.. First part of ITV's coverage of the 2005 United Kingdom general election, from about 10pm to 11pm.Highlights: 1:14 exit poll unveiled21:17 picture from the I.. Percentage of people voting in general elections: 2001: 59% 1997: At the last election, the average UK constituency population was 67,596. The Western Isles of Scotland was the smallest, with. Full results of the 2005 general election. London Majority Majority (%) Turnout Turnout (%) Electorate; Brent East: 2,712: 8.73 Election 2005: campaign spending The UK Parliamentary general election Election 2005: campaign spending The UK Parliamentary general election The Electoral Commission Trevelyan House Great Peter Street London SW1P 2HW Tel 020 7271 0500 Fax 020 7271 0505 info@electoralcommission.org.uk www.electoralcommission.org.uk We are an independent body.

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The 2005 UK general election resulted for the third successive time in the Labour party winning a much larger share of seats in the House of Commons than of the votes cast. Furthermore, with an equal share of the votes the Conservative party would have won 111 seats fewer than Labour On what dates did previous general elections take place? The 2017 General Election - polling day was 8 June 2017. The 2015 General Election - polling day was 7 May 2015. The following notes produced by the House of Commons Library give dates for UK parliamentary general elections in the past. UK Election statistics 1918 -2019: A century of.

In the 2005 general election the campaign expenditure of the Conservative Party was £17.85 million (approximately US$25 million), £17.94 million (approximately US$25 million) for the Labour Party, and £4.32 million (approximately US$6 million) for the Liberal Democrats. [10] Additionally,the two main political parties combined expenditure in. In the 2004 American election, pundits spoke in terms of hundreds of million of dollars being spent - possibly even a billion dollars. 5) One of the main reasons for the above is the difference in duration of the two campaigns. In the UK, Tony Blair announced the 2005 general election for May 5th on April 5th - leaving just one month for.

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Image alt text: UK 2005 General election results, as percentage of registered voters. 38% did not vote. Labour won with votes from just 22% of registered voters. 20% voted Conservative, and 20% voted for the smaller parties United Kingdom general election, 2005. United Kingdom general election, 2005; 5 May 2005: All 646 seats to the House of Commons 324 seats needed for a majority; Opinion polls: Turnout: 61.4% (2.0%) First party Second party Third party : Leader: Tony Blair: Michael Howard: Charles Kennedy: Party: Labour: Conservative: Liberal Democrat

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UK general election 2005. 12 May 2005. Marr to move in changing of TV's political guard. As Labour and the Tories shuffle their political packs in the wake of the election, broadcasters are. There was a total of 27148975 valid votes cast in the 2005 general election, slightly (including 25635 votes at the eventual South Staffordshire contest) - more than the 16.4 million votes cast in 2001 but significantly below the 31 million voters in 1997 After the 2005 general election, every voter in Cornwall was represented by a Liberal Democrat. Following the 2010 general election, the county's constituencies were split evenly by both coalition partners - a surge in Conservative support pre-empted by significant gains in the 2009 county council elections One of the sellers says: Myself and my friend are selling our valuable votes for the 2005 General Election. We really don't give a monkeys who our votes go to and don't care who wins the election. So why not use the apathy of the despondent 'Generation X' to make a difference and swing the vote your way

Focus on the 2005 General Election. The 2005 General Election is mostly known for Tony Blair securing a historic third term in office for a Labour Prime Minister. The Candidates. Tony Blair M.P for Sedgefield, Leader of the Labour Party and existing Prime Minister. Michael Howard M.P for Brighton and Hove, Leader of the Conservative Party election campaign — Conservative Party (UK), March 10, 2005 Weekly Information Bulletin — House of Commons , March 30, 2005 Oral Questions to the Prime Minister at 12 noon — House. UK Parliament; 2005 general election results; Statistics; 2005 general election statistics. Select a link below for more information on other aspects of the 2005 election. Candidates A searchable A-Z list of all candidates who stood for election Turnout Percentage of voters out of the total number of eligible voters.. Friday, May 6, 2005 . In a victory that has come as a surprise to commentators, George Galloway, candidate for the RESPECT The Unity Coalition party, has won the election in Bethnal Green and Bow.

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  1. The results of the 2005 general election are an indictment of the First Past the Post system - the Labour Party won an overall majority of 66 seats (55.1%) on only 35.2% of the vote. No majority government in British history has ever rested on a flimsier base of public support - or, more accurately, none has since the extension of the.
  2. The 2005 United Kingdom General Election was an election held on May 5, 2005 to elect 646 members to the House of Commons of the United Kingdom.The three main candidates to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom are shown to the right.. The election resulted in the Labour Party and it's leader Tony Blair winning a majority in the House of Commons for the third time in a row
  3. Labour won more votes in the general election than in Tony Blair's 2005 victory. But vote share for Corbyn's party is well below past heights, handing party its worst result since 193
  4. The 2005 and 2010 general election results visibly highlight the bias to Labour. In 2005, Labour secured a comfortable overall majority of 67 seats on just 35 per cent of the vote. However, in 2010, the Conservatives were denied a majority despite receiving 36 per cent of the vote and having a 7 per cent point lead over Labour
  5. Find out who became MP for Dartford at the 2005 UK General Election
  6. 2001 General election results summary. Majority - 166. PM Tony Blair. Held on 7th June 2001. Electorate - 44,374,047. Turnout - 59.4%. Full 2001 election results

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  1. Voter Turnout by constituency, 2005 General Election The table below shows the percentage of registered voter turnout for each United Kingdom constituency at the 2005 general election . You can sort the table data by clicking on the column headings
  2. On election night the Lib Dems finished a distant third, with 57 seats (a net loss of 5 seats from 2005). The Conservatives, at 306 seats, emerged as the largest party by far but without a majority, gaining 97 seats over their notional 2005 total (i.e., basing the 2005 results on the 2010 constituency boundaries)
  3. Labour General Election Manifesto 2005. Posted on Thu 01 May, 2003. Following 8 years in power, Tony Blair pledged that this would be his last general election as Prime Minister. The 112 page pocket sized manifesto promises a programme that includes a rising investment in schools and hospitals without increases in income tax. Other pledges.
  4. About Not Apathetic. NotApathetic was built so that people who are planning not to vote in the UK General Election on May 5th 2005 can tell the world why. We won't try to persuade you that voting is a good or a bad idea - we're just here to record and share your explanations

Large political event in the UK in which serveral parties duke it out in pursuit of government. The unthinkable happened as the exit polls got the result bang on target. Final Score Tony Blair-The Liar (Labour) 356 Michael Howard- The Vampire (Conservative) 197 Charles Kennedy- The boozer (Lib Dem) 6 Shows the general election results for Bethnal Green and Bow, which is a constituency in Greater London.In 2005 it had a total electorate of 74,500 and a turnout of 51.5% General election voter turnout in the United Kingdom (UK) 1918-2015, by party General election voter turnout in England 1918-2015 Congress of Deputies election results in the Spanish general.

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Category: News Date: 06.05.2005 Printable version. Election Day saw the culmination of the BBC's coverage with a multi-media live results service on BBC ONE, BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio Five Live. In 2005, for the first time, BBC and ITV combined to commission a single exit poll, which was conducted jointly by MORI and NOP. It predicted the Labour majority in seats exactly, and the shares of the vote within one percentage point. The poll was conducted in 120 polling stations across the country. Projected number of Labour seats in British.

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List of Members of Parliament elected to the House of Commons by constituencies in Northern Ireland for the Fifty-Fourth Parliament of the United Kingdom (2005 to 2010). It includes both MPs elected at the 2005 general election, held on 5 May 2005, and those subsequently elected in by-elections. Wikipedi London, England (CNN) -- British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has confirmed May 6 as the date of the UK's long-awaited general election, triggering a fierce political battle for control of the country

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  1. List of Members of Parliament elected to the House of Commons by constituencies in England for the Fifty-Fourth Parliament of the United Kingdom (2005 to 2010). It includes both MPs elected at the 2005 general election, held on 5 May 2005, and those subsequently elected in by-elections. Wikipedi
  2. Hartlepool. Shows the general election results for Hartlepool, which is a constituency in Cleveland . In 2005 it had a total electorate of 69,075 and a turnout of 51.3%
  3. British general election of 2010 - British general election of 2010 - Background and context: This section contains links to areas of Encyclopædia Britannica's coverage of the United Kingdom, its politics, and its recent political history that readers will find useful for understanding the 2010 British general election. These sections were most recently revised or written by Peter Kellner.
  4. General election turnout 1945 - 2019. The chart below shows the percentage of registered voters who actually voted at each general election from 1945—2019, excluding votes deliberately or accidentally spoiled. Voter turnout data is also available for individual constituencies at the 2015 — 2010 — 2005 — 2001 — 1997 general elections.
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  6. 'This is the best volume in the Political Communications series which started with the 1979 general election. It stands out for its rich empirical material on all aspects of the 2005 election and the consistently high level of analysis. Splendid.' - Dennis Kavanagh, Professor of Politics, University of Liverpool, U
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Up to the minute results of the 2019 General Election from BBC News. The Conservatives have done best in areas in Wales and northern England that voted Leave in the 2016 EU referendum Derby North (UK Parliament constituency) Derby North ( / ˈdɑːrbi /) is a constituency of the Parliament of the United Kingdom made up of a part of Derby. It has been represented in the House of Commons by Conservative politician Amanda Solloway since 2019. It was first created in 1950. It has been called a marginal seat since 2001 General Election 2001. Public Sector. The election begins with the most recently published polls* by all the companies showing Labour's lead over the Tories slightly lower than was the case before the election was called in 1997: 7 May 2001. Politics. Market Research Download General Election Results - 05/05/2005 , Format: BIN, Dataset: Election Results: BIN 24 November 2018 Not available: Download Local Election Results - 03/05/2007 , Format: BIN, Dataset: Election Results: BIN 24 November 2018 Not availabl The 2005 United Kingdom General Election was an election held on May 5, 2005 to elect 646 members to the House of Commons of the United Kingdom.The three main candidates to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom are shown to the right

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seats won at the 2005 UK general election in England and Wales only. Two issues are raised: 1. Does GWDA provide a better set of predictions than standard Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA)?; and 2. Is the particular approach adopted consistent with the underlying argument regarding GWDA? Discriminant analysis and voting in England and Wales, 2005 Download 'General Election Dates 1832-2005' report (64 KB , PDF) This note gives the dates for all UK General elections since 1832. The span of dates for elections which took place before 1918 indicates the first and last polling days for that General Election. Polling took place on one day only for the first time in 1918 - Existing literature has agreed that during elections party web sites are primarily an information tool. This study seeks to identify to what extent political parties have developed a distinctive role for the Internet as a communications channel., - Research data were based on content analysis of the web sites and e‐newsletters of parties contesting the 2005 UK General Election, and.

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  1. ister must ask the Queen for dissolution of Parliament before announcing the date for the election. The date for the 2005 general election (5 May 2005) was announced by Tony Blair on 5 April 2005
  2. The Liberal Democrats came second at the 2005 general election, UKIP in 2015 and the Brexit Party a very close third place in 2019. However, the result in this by-election very much reflected the trends seen during the 2019 general election. The Chesham and Amersham by-election is rather different
  3. Immigration, Multiculturalism and the Disavowal of Racism in the Run-up to the 2005 British General Election Ben Pitcher University of East London , UK Pages 535-55

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Table 1.44: General Election 2005 (5 May) 2. General Election Summary Data, 1832-2005 Table 2.01: Summary Results of General Elections 1832-2005 (UK) Table 2.02: Summary Results of General Elections 1832-2005 (GB) Table 2.03: Votes Cast at General Elections 1832-2005 (UK) Table 2.04: Votes Cast at General Elections 1832-2005 (GB - The purpose of this paper is to examine the use of weblogs by political parties in the 2005 general election campaign. It seeks to identify why, why not, and how parties used their weblogs during the election campaign., - The weblogs of the five political parties which had a weblog were assessed, and eight party e‐campaigners were interviewed., - The findings contrast with those of.

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2005 General election results. Held 5th May. The table below shows the full results of the 2005 general election, with the parties ordered by the number of votes received. Full results for indvidual seats are available from the BBC Headed by Kåre Vollan of Norway, the mission consisted of 11 experts from 10 OSCE participating States. According to the mission's final report: The United Kingdom has a long-standing tradition of democratic elections, and the 5 May 2005 general election was conducted in keeping with this tradition. The election was administered in a. This is the Labour Party's manifesto for the 2005 United Kingdom General election. The election was held on May 5, 2005. Led by Prime Minister Tony Blair, the Labour Party won its third consecutive victory against the Conservative Party. The Conservatives were led by Michael Howard. Page 1 / 56 2005 Election Leaflets. In association with the by-elections website we are aiming to create a digital archive of the leaflets, posters, postcards & newsletters produced by the candidates and political parties contesting the 2005 General Election. Please send your leaflet donations to: LEAFLETS 2005, PO BOX 4312, WOLVERHAMPTON, WV11 3WZ

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  1. The initial development of this approach preceded the 2001 general election and models correctly predicted a Labour victory. The original data used for training and testing the network were based on the responses of two experts to a set of questions covering each general election held since 1835 up to 1997
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  3. 2005. May 5, 2005. The British general election of 2005 returns Prime Minister Tony Blair to office for a third term—unprecedented for a Labour Party leader—but with his smallest majority so far, down to 66 from 167 in 2001. May 6, 2005. Michael Howard surprises observers by announcing that he will step down as leader of the Conservative.
  4. The General Election of 2005 took place against a backdrop of declining levels of political interest and participation in politics across the board. Turnout in the preceding General Election of 2001 had dipped to a record low of 59%, political party memberships had dropped significantly in the meantime, and a general antipath
  5. General Election (May 1st, 1997) The Electoral Commission: About My Vote The Electoral Commission : Elections UK: Elections UK Politics Directory: Parliament UK Links to the websites of MPs and general election candidates: BBC 2005 General Election Coverage: Sky News 2005 General Election Coverag
  6. The UK Independence Party story - from its formation in 1993, via years as a single-issue party, to getting its first MP elected to the House of Commons. 2005 General election 2.3% (saved.
  7. ed the physical accessibility of the election. General Election Research 2005 - Accessibility Review
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6 Chapter 2 The UK General Election 6 May 2010 The election results In contrast to 2005, the electoral system did not produce a House of Commons majority for a party whose support lay in the mid-3 2001 to 2017 general election statistics come from official reports published by the Electoral Commission, and 1983-97 general election results come from U.K. House of Commons Information Office Factsheets (which in turn use data from the Britain Votes series, originally compiled by the late F.W.S. Craig and subsequently by Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher)

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The vote being counted and observed at the Eddisbury constituency during the general election 2005 Wirral, UK. 23rd May 2019. A busy start to voting in the Wirral as Polling stations open across the United Kingdom in the first European elections since Brexit, when the UK voted to leave the European Union. Nottinghamshire. 28th May 2017. UK Elections. General Election 1955. General Election 1959. 1983. General Election 1987. General Election 1992. General Election 1997. General Election 2001. General Election 2005. General Election 2010. Scottish Referendum 2014. General Election 2015. EU Referendum 2016. General Election 2017. The information presented on this page has. He was first elected at the 2005 general election. He is the son of an Engish mother and a Ghanaian father and was born in Wimbledon, London. Conservative MP Kwasi Kwarteng also comfortably held on to his Spelthorne seat for a fourth time by more than 18,000 votes 2005. 28 July 2005. 2005 Ravenscourt Park by-election result. 5 May 2005. 2005 General election result: Ealing, Acton and Shepherds Bush 2005 General election result: Hammersmith and Fulham. 2004. 10 June 2004. 2004 London Assembly election result: West central constituency 2004 London Assembly election result: London wide 2004 London Mayor. T2 - media influence on partisan attitudes during the 2005 UK general election campaign. AU - Brandenburg, Heinz. AU - van Egmond, Marcel. PY - 2011. Y1 - 2011. N2 - This study reassesses the ability of the mass media to influence voter opinions directly